May 2012



Dear Member,

Ever wondered if brilliant artist are born, because most people can’t draw? Ever wondered if billionaire entrepreneurs have something in their DNA most others are missing? I still remember the art class that changed me from drawing stick men to producing mini-masterpieces.

I was ten years old. My parents had sent me and my sister to a friend of theirs who was an art tutor. In the very first session she taught us something called “negative space”.

She told us most people aren’t good at art because they let their left brain do all the seeing. They see a person and draw what they think a person should look like, instead of what’s actually there. I looked at the little stick man I had just drawn and was convinced there was more to it than that.

She then gave us a picture of a person to draw, but turned the picture upside down. She asked us not to draw the head, but the spaces between the head and the lamp, the wall, the window, the shoulders. She asked us not to draw the arm, but the spaces between the arm, the table, the bowl, the hips. When we were finished, we hadn’t drawn things. We had drawn all the spaces between things. We turned our pictures the right-way-up, and found all the things were perfect.

I fell in love with art. I fell in love not with things, but the spaces between things.

When I became an entrepreneur, I found great entrepreneurs used this same skill. They didn’t start a business or create a product as a thing. Instead, they looked at other businesses and products already existing within their market. They looked at the spaces between them. This is where all the opportunities lay. Within their masterpiece, they wouldn’t design a product. They would draw the space between their passion, their value, their customers, their competitors, their partners. When complete, their product was perfect in the picture.

I don’t believe artists and entrepreneurs are born. I believe they have just learned to see differently, and any of us can learn this too - when the fabric of this magical life we live becomes visible.

This is mastery of context over content; mastery of seeing differences. Nature hates a vacuum. In art, nature fills the gaps with beauty. In business, it fills the gaps with money.

In entrepreneurship, it fills it with both.

What happens when we become masters not of things, but the space between things? Give it a go. Have a look at the fit between your business and your best customers, your partners. Where are the gaps too big, not elegant or smooth enough? What can you change today to increase the attraction?

Let go of all the things, and turn your life into a living masterpiece.

“I don’t paint things. I only paint the
difference between things.”
- Henry Matisse

Keep Making Magic,

Roger James Hamilton

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Fast Forward your Business - US Tour | Los Angeles 16th June 2012 | Miami 19th June 2012

I’m excited to share our panel of changemakers joining me on stage at ‘Fast Forward your Business’ in LA and Miami in two weeks time. It includes ‘Chicken Soup’s Mark Victor Hansen, ‘Maverick Entrepreneur’’s Yanik Silver, who I’ve just conducted a fantastic webinar with, Nick O’Neill, who built and sold, and a great list of US entrepreneurs.

You can see the full list here.

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Listen: Roger Hamilton's Webinar with Yanik Silver on WDeo

Here’s a quick way to catch up on the latest trends to impact your business. I recently ran a live webinar with Maverick Entrepreneur Yanik Silver, where we discussed the latest trends in business, and what we can learn from them. This included everything from the latest developments from Facebook’s IPO to crowdfunding, 3D printing and the first commercial flight to space last week.

If you missed the webinar, we have posted the video recording and slides which you can access by going to


The Biggest Secret in Business

In preparation for the upcoming Fast Forward your Business event in the US, I produced this video, “The Biggest Secret in Business.” It is amazing how rapidly your business transforms when you take this secret on board. I’ve included the link below. Enjoy it, and pass it on!

You will also notice on that link that we have launched a VIP Platinum Membership program, which enables you to watch the livecast of my upcoming changemaker forums, and receive over $2,000 of the very best Wealth Dynamics tools and pre-launch editions of the upcoming book series. Simply click here to watch the video and book into the program:


Wealth Dynamics Short Story Competition!

Congratulations to the winners of the Wealth Dynamics Short Story Competition!

Thank you to everyone who entered our competition, and a big congratulations to Richard Alderson as the overall winner. Here is a list of the main winners:

1st Prize:
Richard Alderson, India

2nd Prize:
Emma Ponsonby, England
David Anttony, Singapore
Amanda Horsburgh, Thailand

3rd Prize:
Diana Anderson, Australia
Marianne Cantwell, England
Rustica Lamb, Bali, Indonesia
Treska Botha, South Africa
Dave Whitefield, Australia

We received over 80 stories and over 1,200 votes so thank you to everyone who participated. You will be seeing many of these stories in my upcoming Wealth Dynamics book!


Green SuperCamp | Bali
Junior Camp | 11 to 13 years old |7th to 13th July
Senior Camp | 14 to 18 years old |16th to 22nd July

Do you have children between 11 and 18 years old? Following the success of our camps at the Green School in 2011, we are holding the junior (11 to 13 years old) and senior (14 to 18 years old) camp this July, and places are already going fast. We are receiving registrations for both students and crew. Green SuperCamp is a unique partnership between the world-renowned Green School & SuperCamp, the world leader in summer enrichment camps for students. For seven fun, inspirational days, teenage leaders between 11 and 18 years old will have the camp of a lifetime, learning the world’s best accelerated learning skills while building the values of a Global, Green Citizen.

Visit the website to book your place today!

Here's a short video of some of our campers sharing their experience


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