January 2012




Dear Member,

Gong Xi Fa Cai! We’re now in the Chinese Year of the Water Dragon. Whether you follow the Chinese Zodiac or not, here are 5 things about dragons worth knowing in 2012:

1. Dreams to Reality: The dragon is the ONLY mythical animal on the chinese zodiac. It is the link between the imaginary world and the real world and has a special place in Chinese culture (In the same way you cannot deface a US flag in America, you cannot deface a dragon image in China). In 2012, what is the one dream you will bring into reality? Pin it up with a dragon image. Or copy Angelina and get a tattoo...

2. The Symbol of Flow: The dragon symbolises the protector of flow, and in Chinese myths is always controlling the waters, floods, seas and rivers. Its three joints represent the trinity of flow (creation, preservation, destruction). In 2012, what will you begin, what will you preserve, and what will you end to stay in flow?

3. The Power of Nine: The dragon is related to the number 9, the highest single digit number and Chinese symbol of celestial power. The chinese dragon has 81 Yang scales (9x9) and 36 Yin scales (9x4). Nine dragons was the symbol of the Chinese Emperor (and if you have ever been to Hong Kong, ‘Kowloon’ means ‘nine dragons’ in Chinese). The chinese character for ‘nine’ is the same as the word ‘forever’. In 2012, what part of you will you develop - a skill or quality that will lift you higher, and be with you forever?

4. The Celestial Messenger: The dragon has spread through all cultures, and today are found in everything from Shrek to Harry Potter. The English word comes from the Greek ‘‘drakan” which means ‘water dragon’, derived from ‘drakein’ which means ‘to see more clearly’. Up to modern time, the dragon is seen as carrying a secret or message that it protects and passes to the select few. In 2012, what dragon will you seek out. In what area do you want to ‘see more clearly’?

5. A Sign of the Times: 2012 is the year of the Water Dragon, which only comes around every 60 years. The last Water Dragon year was 1952 (the first year to see a return-flight of a passenger plane across the Atlantic), and before that was 1892 (The year Edison got a patent for a two-way telegraph. It was also the year of the first basketball game). In 2012, what will you invent? What will you create that will leave a legacy?

Where to start with these five questions? Grab a blank sheet and start with that - A white space of unexplored, virgin territory: The kind that old map makers would leave blank on their maps because no one had been there yet; The spaces on the map where there were no coastlines or land masses; Just empty space with the words “Here be dragons.”

Gong Xi Fa Cai. Wishing you a prosperous lunar new year!,
- Roger James Hamilton

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Fast Forward your Business - Australia Tour | Melbourne 10th March 2012 | Brisbane 13th March 2012 | Sydney 19th March 2012 | Perth 22nd March 2012

If you are in Australia, don't miss my one tour coming up this March. Last year was a sell-out, and from the forward bookings, this year will be even bigger. This is where I share how to profit in 2012 from the changes around us.

Imagine... you know exactly what the market leaders are up to right now, and what they are planning for 2012 and beyond. You know where and when the next big wave will hit your industry and how to be a part of creating it. Imagine you know what the people behind the scenes (who’s names you don’t know) know and where they’re investing and heading. If that feels like a position you’d like to be in, then I want you to spend a day with you and given that you are a Wealth Dynamics subscriber, you're invited early to come at the super early bird price of just $39.

Here's what you're going to learn at this, follow up from last year, and again totally revealing and fresh event:

  • The latest Top 10 trends that will make or break your business in the next 5 years and how you can tweak what you learned last year or implement from the ground up if this is your first time
  • How to future proof your business for future success and what new driving factors to be conscious of in 2012
  • Immediate steps to profit now from the changes taking place.
  • And as per usual, much much more mind bending insights and distinctions with the Wealth Dynamics Community all the way through the day....

You'll be meeting with some really influential people from all areas of industry in your area who are on similar path to you, people who are focused on making one heck of a difference in their business, the people they work with and the community around them.

Make sure you book yourself in now and secure your place http://bit.ly/uPQ5cq

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Wealth Dynamics Starter Kit (For only US$100)

Combine your discovery of your own wealth profile with an indepth look into what Wealth Dynamics is, and why and how it works. Add to this the learnings you'll get from entertaining and informative true stories of over 38 top entrepreneurs separated according to their wealth profiles... and you'll be well on your way to unlocking the keys of how YOU can create a wealthier and happier life.

The Wealth Dynamics Starter Kit includes:
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What is your million dollar question?

In preparation for 2012, I put this video together this week on how to make it your best year yet. What is your million dollar question? I give examples of the ones I have asked in my life, and where they led. Here's a link to the video. I hope it inspires you!

>> http://bit.ly/rhmdq

Watch: What is your
million dollar question?


Million Dollar Traders (3 hours playlist) on WDeo

WDeo is our video section, and here is our recommended video to watch this month:

Eight ordinary people are given a million dollars, a fortnight of intensive training and two months to run their own hedge fund. Can they make a killing?

The experiment reveals the inner workings of a City trading floor. The money is supplied by hedge fund manager Lex van Dam: he wants to see if ordinary people can beat the professionals, and he expects a return on his investment too. Yet no-one foresees the financial crisis that lies ahead. http://bit.ly/wdeomdt

Watch: Million Dollar Traders (3 hours playlist)



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