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I've summed up below the three biggest insights I've had in the last 10 years when it comes to flow and fortune. This is for an article related to both Wealth Dynamics and the changes going on in the world right now (It's also related to the lighthouse and surfers in the photo). Hope it strikes a chord with you!


Feeling lost? Overwhelmed? Excited about what the future holds but privately anxious about what will happen if things go wrong? Today’s paradox is that in a global sea of information, it’s as easy to sink as to swim. It’s easier to be empowered, but also easier to be unsure. More noise means more chance of losing our way. More distraction means more chance of losing ourselves.

What’s the solution? My work over the last ten years has been on the middle path: Not to sink or swim, but to surf. The Wealth Dynamics profiling system I created works like a lighthouse, illuminating both the rocks and safe passage in stormy seas. Over 60,000 people around the world have taken the test, and from the data we’ve collected I’ve drawn insights that I think you’ll find interesting.

Here are three insights on transformation I’d like to share:

INSIGHT 1 - Life is flow: Follow your path of least resistance

The idea that life is flow seems obvious. Health is about mastering the flow within our body and wealth is about mastering the flow in our markets. Yet many of us are doing things that feel like hard work. We take for granted our strengths, and spend our time working on things that we are weakest at.

One of the biggest insights that people - from students to speakers and from entrepreneurs to experts - say when they learn their Wealth Dynamics profile, is that they finally have true clarity and certainty on who they are and who they are not. Like tuning in to a radio station, the music becomes clear and the static disappears.

“We treasure what we measure”

Most of us want to find our flow - where things occur with effortless ease - but don’t assess our actions, environment and relationships based on flow. We use other criteria, such as ideas of success, trade-offs and being busy.

Incremental change comes from measuring our change. Transformational change comes from changing our measure. When we measure all our actions and plans based on “Does this add positively to the flow?” whether it is our health, wealth, passion, purpose, relationships or any other part of our life, a true transformation occurs.

There is a unity between our health, our wealth and our relationships that is set alight the moment we follow our natural path.

INSIGHT 2 - Life is a game: Master the rules to play

In a football game, the great footballer isn’t thinking about his flow. He’s thinking about the flow of the ball. He doesn’t try to chase the ball and he doesn’t worry about obstacles. He is simply focused at being at the best position at every moment to create openings and add to the flow of play. Too many of us are not living with this same elegance. It’s too easy to forget the ball and lose our way. It’s too easy to forget we have a limited time in which to play this magical game.

Life is a game. As with all games, that means it must be fun, and you need to know the rules. The reason Wealth Dynamics (and all personality tests that are of value) resonates with so many people is because it is based on 5,000 years of history - originating from the first book in human history, the Chinese I Ching.

In the I Ching there are eight ‘trigrams’ that are organised on a square with sides that represent the four seasons of time. These in turn are made up of the opposites in how we think (intuitive and sensory) and the opposites of how we act (extrovert and introvert). There are eight wealth dynamics profiles that represent these trigrams. You have a natural path based on your natural thinking dynamic and action dynamic. Dreams become reality by turning thought into action, and it occurs naturally when you know the rules to the game.

For example, if you discover you’re a Creator Profile, naturally intuitive with your head in the clouds, great at starting things and terrible at finishing things, you can stop beating yourself up for constantly taking on too much or missing the detail. You can be inspired by other Creators from Einstein and Edison to Steve Jobs and Branson. You can see that they got criticised for exactly the same weaknesses that you have, but kept focused at their natural path and achieved flow through it.

With the enormous amount of advice and stories we are bombarded with each week (often where experts are giving conflicting advice, both which appear to work), it’s now more important than ever to have a lighthouse to light the way and give us a reference point so we don’t get lost at sea or on the rocks.

INSIGHT 3 - From flow comes fortune: Your life purpose

Ultimately, we end up following our true path not based on what we say yes to, but what we say no to. Like the footballer who plays one position in the team by not trying to play all the others, and the music we hear by tuning in to one channel and not trying to listen to all the others, we are saying no to all else to give the space for one. This is a new experience for most people - even focused people - who are still trying to keep too many channels open out of fear of missing out.

When we follow our natural path we begin to tune in to our own rhythm and harmony. When we stay tuned in, a magic resonance begins. The I Ching calls this your fortune. Our English word ‘Fortune’ means three things. It means our material wealth, our luck, and our legacy. The word comes from the Greek Goddess ‘Fortuna’, who is the goddess of luck.

We all ask the big question: "What’s our purpose while we're here?" There’s a temptation to want clarity before we try and get in to flow. But like a muddy pool of water, the easiest way to clear the mud is to flow water through it. Clarity doesn’t lead to flow. Flow leads to clarity. The greatest phenomenon I have seen time and again is the three stage process for those that that take the Wealth Dynamics test and then commit to following their natural path.

First, when you follow your path, you find it easier to connect to their personal health and wealth. Then, you begin to find luck on your side, with synchronicity and magic being attracted on a daily basis. Finally, while you are in flow, your life purpose suddenly becomes clear. I believe it’s the process of letting go, as you must do to get into the flow of a river, that allows this to happen.

I always see that clarity on life purpose arrive at that magic moment when you stop creating the flow and the flow creates you.

That’s when your life literally sweeps you off your feet.

That’s surfing.

Those are the three insights I wanted to share.

Make your day a masterpiece.

Roger James Hamilton

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Top 10 Trends in Business - Artificial Intelligence, Wave 1

WDeo is our video section, and here is our recommended video to watch this month:

What is this wave?
Artificial intelligence is taking computers beyond just computing information, to where they appear to understand relationships, meaning and emotions - and to where they can replace humans by doing this better than we can.

Why is this important to you?
It used to be that as companies got bigger, they got less personal. Now the opposite is true. Facebook understands what you’re interested in, so offers more relevant ads. Amazon understands what you want to buy, so suggests the next book. This takes book shops out of business. You don’t need to be in technology for this to be affecting your business today.

How fast is this wave coming?
Since my video above, which was only a few months ago, we now have talking iPhones, the launch of talking TVs with Apple TV later this year, and we are seeing unknown authors now selling over a million books because readers can find them more easily through Amazon

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