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If your child wanted to sell cookies, would you say “You can only sell to your two best friends”? That’s what most of us are doing with our business right now. Here’s a secret about cookies (and business) worth sharing...

First - Three interesting facts you may not know:

FACT 1: Most of the American companies you hear of today do more business outside the US then in it. Over 60% of Apple’s sales are now international, and most of the parts in that iPhone are made overseas. Over 70% of Facebook members are outside the US. No big business today can be big without being global. All the small start-ups with million dollar valuations also start as global companies.

(To not start global because you don’t know other markets well is like a child only selling cookies to his best friend because he doesn’t know other children well)...

FACT 2: Of the 2.1 billion Internet users in the world, just 17% are in the US (That’s about 1 in every 8 users). 29% are in Europe. 44% are in Asia. There are more users with a first language that isn’t English. Of the 3 billion Internet users forecast to come online in the next 10 years (That’s one million new users very day), a very small percentage are from the US. Today, every billion dollar Internet business has multiple sites in multiple languages with multiple currencies.

(To only be in one country is like only sharing your cookies with one in eight people or one in ten people. In a class of twenty, that’s just your two best friends)...

FACT 3: Ten years ago, almost all of the Top 10 in the Forbes Rich List were from the US. Today, there are only 3 Americans left: Aldi, Europe (10), Li Ka Shing, Asia (9), Steffan Person, Europe (8), Eika Batista, Brazil (7), Larry Ellison, US (6), Amancio Ortega, Europe (5), Bernard Alnaut, Europe (4), Warren Buffett, US (3), Bill Gates, US (2), Carlos Slim, Mexico (1). That means the wealthiest in the world aren’t just doing more business outside the US, they aren’t even in the US.

(So what’s the secret?)...

From the many entrepreneurs and small business owners I get to meet, without exception, the successful ones BEGAN their business as a global business: A global business where they can LEARN from EVERYWHERE and WORK from ANYWHERE.

That simple shift in thinking means they start by designing their products, team and systems for a global market. They look for global benchmarks and other global businesses to learn from. They don’t need to travel to do this, and may even start selling locally - but they are already learning from everywhere and can already work from anywhere.

THE SECRET: Hidden in plain site, the secret is that today, it’s actually EASIER to start a global business than a local business. There’s more resources, more expertise, more potential partners, more efficiencies and more demand when you start your business as a global business. There’s also far more power in your potential: As the world gets smaller, our lives get bigger. You wake up every day to the global impact you can make.

The only reason that you (or small business owners you know) may not be operating yet as a truly global business is that it may seem more difficult to start as a global business. This simply is not the case anymore. The opposite is true. It’s more difficult to attract customers, expertise and resources when you start with just a local focus.

What would happen if you reorientated your entire business from a local business to a global business? Where 7 out of 8 customers are not even in your country? It doesn’t matter what your product or service is, there’s always a way to do it, and do it now.

That’s when you find out your local market is often your worst market... The truth is, when a child is selling their cookies to everyone, they often find their best friends are the least likely to buy them. They are already used to you sharing them. That’s why, with enough cookies selling, you’re likely to share your cookies with your best friends for free.

I live in Bali. I have few customers here. 99% of my customers are overseas. But as I learn from everywhere and can work from anywhere, a tropical island is where I choose to live. I redesigning my businesses to be able to be run from an iPad on a beach, and I’ve found I can now manage my businesses better today than when I showed up at an office every day. What would have happened if I hadn’t chosen to think globally? I’d be working far harder for something far smaller, I wouldn’t have the same time to learn, to be with the family, and to eat the amazing cookies my daughter makes.

The Secret, that today it’s easier to start a global business than a local business, turns the cake saying on its head. You know: “You can’t have your cake and eat it too?”. Forget about the cake. Go for cookies. You can have your cookies, share your cookies and eat your cookies too.

Think global. Go global. Spread the cookies. Every cookie’s a fortune cookie: There’s a fortune in those cookies.

Keep Making Magic,

Roger James Hamilton

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The 64 Wealth Vectors

I’m hard at work right now on our book series, the 64 Wealth Vectors. You would have seen the Wealth Dynamics Vector Cards, which we are going to release as a team performance tool set. I’ll be launching the first phase of this at the upcoming Wealth Dynamics Academy in XL Vision Villas, Bali, on May 23rd to 27th.

This is going to be a very special event, and if you are looking for a turbo charge to the second half of your year, this is it. It’ll be a chance to take stock, refine your vision, and transform the way you communicate and connect with your team, customers, partners and relationships.

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Looking for new inspiration? Curious about India? My mentee Richard Alderson's social enterprise Journeys for Change takes groups of international leaders on 8-day journeys to learn from the uncommon heroes tackling some of India's greatest social problems. Be inspired by their stories, soak up the remarkable culture of India and make valuable connections and life-long friends.

Previous participants have included executives from Nike, JPMorgan, Habitat for Humanity and Mercy Corps, together with entrepreneurs and social entrepreneurs from four continents across the world. Journeys for Change was also featured last week in The Guardian newspaper.

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